You may have an older meter which features several mechanical dials. If you have one of these meters, the readout will look something like the diagram below:

How to read a dial meter 

  • Read the number from left to right.
  • Include all numbers from the left to the right, including zeros. 
  • Exclude any numbers after the decimal point, or any red dials.
  • Adjacent dials turn in opposite directions.
  • The number and position of dials may vary.
  • If the pointer is between two figures, always read the lowest of the 2 numbers (so if the pointer is between 5 and 6, the number you read is 5).
  • If the pointer is directly on a number, for example 7, look at the next dial to the right. If that dial on the right is between 9 and 0, you read 6 for the initial dial. If the dial on the right is between 0 and 1, you read 7 for the initial dial.
  • Always provide any zeroes to the left of the decimal point part of your reading.

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