What’s an account number?

An account number is your unique customer identifier. You should quote this in all correspondence with Shell Energy.

Agreed baseload volume (abv)

ABV stands for Agreed Baseload Volume and is essentially the monthly baseload volume a customer can trade with us.


When used in relation to your energy contract, all-inclusive means that you are fixing all costs within reason and unless there are changes that impact the contract terms or that are beyond our control. This provides budget certainty for your business. The alternative is commonly known as a pass-through contract.

Annual quantity (aq)

Annual Quantity, or AQ, is the yearly gas consumption at a site calculated on historical usage and held by Xoserve or Independent Gas Transporters.

Electricity is known as 'Estimated Annual Consumption' (EAC) and is measured in kWh.

Gas is referred to as 'Estimated Annual Quantity' (EAQ) and is measured in Therms.

Assistance for areas with high electricity costs (aahedc)

AAHEDC stands for Assistance for Areas with High Energy Distribution Costs. It helps cover the cost to supply remote areas of the country. The north of Scotland is the only area currently specified to receive such assistance. AAHEDC replaces a previous arrangement, known as ‘Hydro Benefit’.

Automated meter reader (amr)

If you would like to receive regular invoices which are always based on actual meter readings, not estimated readings, you can install an Automated Meter Reader (AMR) device that sends reads to us automatically. Contact us to request an AMR.

Availability charge

See DUoS Availability Charge.


Balancing services use of system (bsuos)

Balancing Services Use of System, or BSUoS, charge recovers the cost of day to day operation of the transmission system. Generators and suppliers are liable for these charges, which are calculated daily as a flat tariff across all users.